Ergonomic Office Desk Accessories

Ergonomic Office Desk Accessories

By: Chris On: 12/03/2020 Views: 668

Low Cost Power, Data and Wire Management products

Helping you work Faster, Smarter, and Tidier

We have the products to help you make your office environment work as smoothly and seamlessly as possible to allow you to concentrate on getting the job done.

Our products can help streamline everything from discrete and practical power delivery and supply, to CPU, holders, monitor arms and cable tidy solutions, making sure you can function at your best. Our contemporary designs will make sure your office looks good too!

Our range of monitor arms are available as single and doubles and meet the needs of the end user as all arms can be positioned to the correct viewing preferences to avoid back and posture issues in the long run.

Do you have tangled cables under your desk? We have the answer to help you resolve this! Our range of cable management products help organise all those cables neatly to help stop damages and fraying cables. Our popular wire basket and cable spine range is the solution to all your under-desk cable chaos as they allow cables to be added or removed with ease.

CPU towers are still used in many offices round the world. Why not protect yours with our popular CPU holder! They have been designed to help maximise space, provide better access to cables/ ports and reduce damages to the PC

A low cost desk top mounted power and data module is a convenient way to get your workstation working. It also means the end of down time and inconvenience when fuses fail in desk power modules. It has a unique benefit - A spare fuse incorporated in EVERY socket!

This helps overcome common problems such as desk sockets being used for vacuum cleaners and other ‘non office equipment’ appliances.

Office Furniture GB are pleased to provide a comprehensive range of office power, data and wire management products at unbeatable prices.

Get the best quality, the perfect style and the right price with our range of office desk accessories. Please do not hesitate to contact us today!


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