Why Should You Use Protective Screens In Your Office?

Why Should You Use Protective Screens In Your Office?

By: Chris On: 09/09/2021 Views: 278

Protective screens are a great way to protect yourself from the harsh environment of an office. This is even more necessary since the global pandemic started back in March 2020. This blog post will discuss what protective screens are, how they work, and why you should use them. Protective screens can be used in offices for protection against dust or other contaminants that may affect your health. They also help stop the spread of colds and flu germs through hand contact with surfaces like keyboards and mouse pads. 

Protective Screens give you peace of mind by providing protection while still allowing airflow so that your equipment is not overheated or over-cooled while running on battery power. For more information, please read this article! Our team here at Office Furniture GB have been providing offices across the country with protective screens for their office for a number of years now, our team are dedicated at helping you keep yours safe. To find out more either contact us or continue reading our blog post on why you should use protective screens in your office. 

Flexible Working And Agility

One of the best reasons to use protective screens in your office space is because you have complete control over the placement of them, especially if you get free-standing screens, they are easily moved and rearranged whenever you need to do so. You have the choice to place them between staff, between teams are doors and much more, literally anywhere you need them to go you can move them to. Meaning it doesn’t matter the layout of your office, protective screens will help keep everyone safe. 

By choosing flexible and agile protective screens you can help keep everyone in your office safe from germs, illnesses and also dust from cleaners, having lightweight options such as protective screens means you can reposition them whenever you need to, move them for extra meetings that need to take place or move them out of one office to another if needed. A great flexible way to keep your entire team's health in check. 

Keep Your Team Safe

Social distancing has become the new norm in the office over the last 2 years, the global pandemic took the world by storm and affected every type of workplace including offices. Protective screens are more than likely to be used for a number of years and are not just a temporary measure, it has been proven since protective screens have been installed offices have lower sick day rates. 

Using office screens allows for another level of protection to be added to your office space, your office workers health should be at the forefront of your mind at all times, office screens allow for safer working conditions especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Protective screens have been used in nearly every industry across the world recently such as; hospitals, doctors, schools, receptions and more. So buying office screens is just one way you can help keep your staff healthy and safe, it is simply another level of protection. 

Allows The Space To Stay Light And Airy

When you begin to consider office screens it can feel like you are going to make your office feel smaller, darker and just, in general, a little bit drabber. Do not worry, this is not the case at all. Office screens have been specifically designed to be opaque, you can buy blackout screens which once put up you can’t see through, but most office screens are clear and transparent. This allows for light to flow through the room still and also for your team members to still be able to see each other, making them not so bad after all. 

One of the biggest benefits of using clear office screens is that you can still achieve the modern open plan office space feel you are looking for, they don’t detract from the space or make you feel enclosed in a box when you are at your desk, offering safety and protection without sacrificing any of the issues that arise with blackout screens. 

Easy Maintenance & Clean

Since office screens have taken the office world by storm due to the recent global pandemic it should come as no surprise that cleaning has also been taken to a whole new level. One of the best advantages to using office screens as a way to protect your staff is that they are incredibly easy to install and clean. The clear acrylic and glass screens are incredibly easy to clean because they simply need spraying down with antibacterial spray and wiping dry, more often than not they are already coating in an antimicrobial surface coating, so a simple wipe down will work. 

More office spaces have hired deep cleaning companies to come in and help with their cleaning, these types of companies will be able to clean and polish up office screens meaning more often than not you will forget they are even installed. What more could you want? Something that will protect your team and also be easy to clean and maintain. 

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You know how much time you spend at work. Why not make sure that the environment is safe for your health? There are plenty of dangers in an office setting, from harmful chemicals to potential falls on stairs or slippery floors. One way to protect yourself and others who need access to these rooms is by installing protective screens around all high-risk areas so no one can get hurt when they're trying to do their jobs! 

For more information about our products, feel free to contact Office Furniture GB today. We have a wide range of options available at affordable prices too! What type of screen would best suit your needs? Let us help you find out before it's too late. If you have any questions or queries, be sure to contact our team today. We promise to help you find the right office screens for you and your office. 


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