Essentials That Should Be In Every Cafe/ Breakout In Your Office

Essentials That Should Be In Every Cafe/ Breakout In Your Office

By: Chris On: 09/09/2021 Views: 1138

What's the perfect break room? It should be a place where you can meet with co-workers, grab your coffee, and take a few minutes to recharge yourself. In order for an office break room to be successful, it needs to have all the essentials: seating areas for both small groups and individuals; outlets so you can charge up your devices; and water and snacks that will keep you going throughout the day. 

Our team here at Office Furniture GB have been providing furniture for offices and workplaces for a number of years to help kit out the perfect office cafe or breakout room. We have put together a few essentials that should be in every single breakout room, regardless of what type of company you are in. 

It doesn’t matter whether you use the cafe or breakout room every day or just as a one-off change of scenery, the space should always be equipped with everything you need to take a break away from your computer screen. Here are our essentials that should be in every office breakout room. 

Simple Smart Furniture

Most office spaces when it comes to decorating and designing a cafe or breakout room get it wrong, they try and make it some extremely vibrant and enjoyable play, but really it needs to be somewhere you can go and relax. Having a neat and tidy space that utilises simple furniture is one of the best options and will help your team take the well-deserved rest they need during the day. 

Having a cluttered and busy workspace doesn’t give your team the relaxing space they deserve when it comes to their break time. Having a cafe or breakout room that is full of junk just moves the stress from the office to the break room, which is not fair on your team. By choosing simple furniture you are allowing your staff to keep the break room clean and tidy, clutter-free and therefore stress-free. 

Creative Space But Relaxing

Some of the most impressive and creative ideas have happened over a simple cup of coffee in the break room at dinner. You need to give your staff a space that allows for relaxation should it be needed but to also provide an option for creativity. You can still follow along with our previous point about keeping your break room simple and styled in a way that promotes relaxation and calm, but you can add an element of creativity by adding a pop of colour or some different styles of furniture. 

For example, you can use bar stools as a way to utilise a bar-style seating arrangement down the side of the room, perfect for those in your staff that want to bring their laptop to the break room to continue working, this needs to be an option even though the break room is for just that, a break. Catering for everyone's needs is important though, by adding coffee tables and larger round tables allow for group discussion, shared lunches and more. Socialising is an important part of the cafe and breaks room as well as having somewhere people can sit alone if they need to relax. 

It can be incredibly tricky finding a middle ground of relaxing and creativity, but trust us with the right cafe and breakout furniture it is possible. 

Listen, Adapt and Change

One of the best things you can do when it comes to either furnishing your cafe or break room in the office or refurbishing is listening to what your staff are asking for. They are after all the people who use the break room and cafe, they should have their needs met when it comes to items they want in the room. You can do this in a number of ways, speak to staff individually or send out an email requesting for input on the specific furniture pieces. For example, some staff might enjoy items such as bean bags, sofas and much more. 

You do not need to furnish your break out room using plain and boring furniture, that all of a sudden will remind your staff of the old school hall they had school dinners in, consider mixing it up and also discussing this with your staff, provide them with a few items they want and we promise you will have an incredibly happy team on your hands. 

Don’t Forget The Essentials

When it comes to choosing the furniture for your cafe or break out the room you must remember the essentials that come hand in hand with these rooms in your office. You need to consider coffee machines, other kitchen appliances such as microwaves, toasters etc. Does this mean you need to consider the different types of furniture you need, possibly a table for the equipment and a second table for condiments? 

Every item in your office cafe or break out room needs to be accounted for when you are planning the layout and also the types of furniture you need, remember your staff will be eating, socialising and also potentially continuing to work from this space, it needs to be suitable for everyone and everything. Having enough furniture is key to the success of this room. 

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When it comes to designing breakout spaces, one of the most important factors is having a variety of seating options. You’ll want something for every personality and preference — from swivel chairs that allow people with bad backs to work in comfort, to standing desks if you know your team likes working on their feet. 

Along with furniture like this, there are plenty of other essentials that should be present in any break room or cafe area—like outlets and USB ports for charging devices while chatting over coffee! 

Of course, these items will also need someplace nice to go when they're not being used—so don't forget about storage solutions too! For all your cafe and breakout furniture and storage needs contact Office Furniture GB today. Our team can help you with a range of furniture options, all you need to do is get in touch with us today to find out more. 


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