Crank Height Adjustable Desk

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Crank Height Adjustable Office Desk

Versatile and simple to operate it allows you to move from sitting to standing work with the turn of a handle. The two-legged, crank handle height adjustable desks come with a choice of rectangular desktops or frame only for the fitting of your existing top. Supports up to 100 kg whilst still able to adjust, more than enough for the largest desk top computers and accessories.

  • Frame only or with desk tops
  • Desk tops come with ports holes as standard
  • Single step, stand-sit height mechanically adjustable
  • Height Adjustment of frame 700-1200mm
  • Width Adjustment of frame 1075-1700mm
  • Capacity (kg) Moving 100 
  • Silver frame made from powder coated steel


  • Desk Top Width 1200,1400,1600 or 1800mm
  • Beech, Maple or White tops available
  • Full install service available

Adjustable Height Office Desk from Office Furniture GB

Introducing our premium Adjustable Height Office Desk, the perfect solution for creating a versatile and ergonomic workspace. Our height adjustable office desk, if perfect for you, especially if you’re looking for standing desks or a height adjustable table, it has been designed to cater to your changing needs throughout the day and it comes with an innovative crank mechanism, so you can effortlessly transition between sitting and standing positions, promoting a healthier work routine.

This adjustable height desk has been engineered for durability and functionality, ensuring a smooth and quiet height adjustment process. Whether you prefer to sit during tasks that require focus or stand for brainstorming sessions, this adjustable height office desk adapts to your workflow seamlessly. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to productivity with our height adjusting desk, a must-have addition to any modern office setup. Why don’t you experience the benefits of ergonomic versatility in your office space today, from reducing sitting down for prolonged periods, to helping improve posture with our adjustable height and standing desks and check out the product range available at Office Furniture GB.

Buy Quality Height Adjustable Desks Online

Prolonged sitting can have a negative effect on both well being and productivity, with some individuals preferring standing regularly. Our adjustable-height office Desk is designed with your comfort and productivity in mind. This versatile height adjustable table offers a range of health benefits that can transform your work experience, from the ability to easily switch between sitting and standing positions, to promoting better and the correct posture and reducing the strain associated with long hours at a desk. With sit stand desks, the crank mechanism also has a smooth and precise height adjustment, allowing you to find the perfect working height effortlessly.

This Height Adjusting Desk is not only functional but also stylish, with a modern design that complements any office decor. Its robust construction ensures stability, even at its highest setting. You are also able to customise it to suit your preferences, making it an ideal choice for individuals of all heights.

Investing in an adjustable-height office desk or standing desk means investing in your well-being and productivity. So say goodbye to the discomfort of static seating and embrace the flexibility that this height-adjustable table provides. Whether you're tackling tasks, collaborating with colleagues, or need a change of scenery during the workday, our Adjustable Height Office Desk allows you to create a workspace that suits your needs. So elevate your work experience today with this exceptional piece of office furniture available now at Office Furniture GB.

Check Out Our Electric Height Adjustable Desks and Standing Tables

Should you be in need of a new desk, you’re in the right place. We provide a range of office furniture supplies and business office furniture solutions for customers across the UK, including adjustable height office desks and height adjusting tables.

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Weight Tolerance 60kg
Warranty 2 years
Width 1200 - 1800mm Top Size
Depth 800mm Top Size
Height 690 - 1160mm Frame Adjustment (No Top)

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