Height Adjustable Desk Deals

Height Adjustable Desk Deals

By: Chris On: 03/04/2019 Views: 605

Cost Effective Adjustable Height Desks

Comfortable desks lead to higher productivity and increased job satisfaction. OfficefurnitureGB supply height adjustable desks for workplaces. The aim of these desk is to improve workplace well-being and create an ergonomic workstation. The desks are designed for the needs of the end-users, they create the perfect combination of ergonomics, comfort and functionality. Our range of electric height adjustable desks and crank handled height adjustable desks offer durability, easy assembly and affordability. 

A low priced height adjustable desk can help a company meet DSE obligation. Numerous companies worldwide are already aware of the major benefits of height adjustable desks for all staff. A height adjustable desk gives employees the opportunity to spend more time standing which can provide major health benefits i.e

  • Kick start your metabolism
  • Burn extra calories
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improved posture
  • Better breathing and oxygen flow to the brain
  • Engage key muscle groups
  • Improve concentration and collaboration
  • Proven to reduce stress 

Height adjustable desks also help companies offer equal opportunities to employees with disabilities, they are particularly advantageous for wheel chair users who can work comfortably alongside fellow workers.

Also we can supply just the frame only so you can use existing desk tops therefore no need to replace all the desks in your office space.

Opt for a sit-stand solution and grab a bargain today


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