4 Types Of Tables You Should Have In Your Office

4 Types Of Tables You Should Have In Your Office

By: Chris On: 09/09/2021 Views: 1519

There are four types of tables you should have in your office. The first table is a desk. The second type of table is for meetings and conferences, which can be used as a conference room or meeting space. The third type of table is the breakroom; this can serve as an office kitchen, snack area or place to eat lunch. Finally, there's the guest room; this could serve as a waiting area for visitors or simply provide more seating when the company comes over. 

The best thing about having these types of tables in your office is that they make you more productive and efficient by providing enough space to work on projects without distractions! Our team here at Office Furniture GB have put together a list of the top office tables we think you need.

Reception, Do You Need A Table?

When it comes to your office, if you have customers or clients that come in the first view they get of your company is your receptionist sitting at the front of the property, this receptionist more than likely needs a fully functioning desk. This is your primary welcome space for anyone visiting your office so it needs to not only be visually suitable but realistically it should also fit into your design and style of the office or company. 

Designed specifically to be modern, welcoming and approachable they are built to attract people to your office or company, coming in all different shapes and sizes you will always find a receptionist desk that works for you and your company. You should consider what size reception desk you need, firstly do you have one receptionist or more? What colour would you like the desk to be? What shape? You could think about every single aspect so it suits your office space perfectly. But you do need to make sure you also choose the most practical design. Remember it is the first port of call for anyone visiting your office. 

Do You Need Computer Desks?

Depending on the type of work you carry out in your office depends on how much consideration you will need to put into the type of computer desk you buy. Do you work on computers or laptops every day all day? If so you would need to consider what type of computer desk you need, the size it needs to be and also what other additions you need on the desk, for example, do you need drawers, a keyboard slider or cupboards? 

Computer desks have been built and designed to work for everyone who uses a computer, this is the case if you use a laptop as well, but if you do use a laptop as your main platform to work from, you may not need a full-size computer desk. Modern computer desks are more flexible and compact than the old school corner computer desks, but it always depends on what you and your company are looking for. With computer desks, you can choose your colour, shape, size to fit your specific space. Perfect for those who work on computers on a daily basis, these are an essential must-have in your office. 

Do You Need Conference Tables?

One piece of furniture that every office space should have, especially if you have clients and meetings regularly, is a stunning conference table. This is a piece of equipment we believe should be in every single office in the country, they are such a versatile piece of office furniture. You can use them for meetings with your own team, arrange meetings with external team members and also use them for meetings with clients. 

When choosing a conference table for your office you need to make sure that it fills the space without overfilling the room, this can easily be done and will, in turn, make the room look much smaller than it is, crowding a room with tables and chairs doesn’t make it a pleasant place to work. A conference table will completely revolutionise the way you carry out meetings, it also allows for a highly professional feel. Conducting meetings using a conference table, especially around one means you and your team can be productive together and it gives a more inclusive feel to your meetings. One of the best pieces of office furniture you can have without a doubt. 

Office Break Room Tables Are A Must

One of the other important types of office tables and arguably the most important is a table you can use for your office coffee station. Office workers statistically drink gallons of coffee a day, so it is, without doubt, you need a specific table for your office. Even if you have a cafe or a break room you could always add an office table that is perfect for housing a small coffee machine for your specific team rather than them having to go to the break room or kitchen to make themselves a coffee. 

Every office worker needs coffee to survive the day. 

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You don’t have to go far to find someone who will tell you that an office needs a desk, chair, and computer. But what about the rest of your office? There are four types of tables you need in your office for it to be well-equipped with all kinds of storage solutions. What is it that you need out of these different table types? You need to consider what you need that is specific for your office. 

Let us know! We can help you choose among our lineup or options so that everyone has enough space for their work while still being able to get things done efficiently. Office tables are always a complicated decision, you need to decide what will work best for you, your office and your team. For all your office storage needs contact Office Furniture GB today!


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